Refrigerated Topping Shelves

Model: SY249G/PR2


  • Refrigerated structure GN 10x 1/3, 1x 1/2 with right glass
  • Voltage -230/1N 50HZ
  • Temperature  0° +8°
  • 0.19 kw

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– Capacity: GN 10x 1/3, 1x 1/2 h150 mm.
NB: delivered without GN trays.

  • Inside and outside manufactured in stainless steel AISI 441.
  • Frontal, upper and lateral “toughened” glass protection , thickness 10 mm.
  • Refrigeration unit in climate class 4, built-in the (right) board, ventilated condessor.
  • Evaporator at copper coil, embedded in the walls.
  • Expanded polyurethane insulation (without CFC).
  • Refrigerant R290.
  • Automatic defrosting, number of defrosting programmed by the factory (modifiable at will).
  • Electronic regulator (under closed box, waterproof), front screen control with blue LED.
  • Adjustable lower jacks.
  • Support strip trays GN 1/6 and 1/9 standard delivered .
  • The equipment is manufactured following the (CE) standards in force.


  • Refrigerated equipments allowing the displaying and the preservation of the food, small size, can be placed on the tiniest places or also on a working table (see kit of stainless steel feet).
  • Ideal for the activities stressed by very small spaces.
  • 100% guaranteed hygiene, thanks to its breath screen.
  • Electronic regulator (under closed box, tight).

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Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 2490 × 384 × 387 cm