Pot Washers

Model: D604/6H


  • 500×600 mm + Break Tank
  • Voltage  – 400-230/3N 50Hz
  • 6.7 kw

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  • Realisation “double walled”.
  • Loading height for trays 380 mm (plates diam. 380 mm).
  • LMD mixed washing, also dishes, cutlery
  • Standard rinsing pump (atmospheric boiler)
  • Made of double walls made of stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Cycles 60” – 120″-80″ or continuous.
  • Rotating washing and rinsing arms (upper and lower) (stainless steel lower).
  • Self cleaning sprinklers.
  • Tank (23Lit. 2,1Kw) with rounded edges, “deep-drawn” bottom.
  • “Integral” tank filter, made of “cast” stainless steel.
  • Adjustable stainless steel feet (125-190 mm).
  • Removable control panel, facilitating after-sales service.
  • Pump increasing the water pressure of the network.
  • Automatic filling of the tank.
  • High efficiency, energy-saving washing pump (double flow) with soft start device.
  • Check valve.
  • Hot water rinsing (water consumption per cycle 2.5 litres), insulated stainless steel boiler (7 Lit., 6kW).
  • Possibility of regulating the temperature of the tank and boiler.
  • Micro switch, when the door opens.
  • Safety thermostat.
  • Standard : 1 generic basket, stainless steel support for 5 dishes.


  • Peristaltic” dispenser for rinsing product supplied as standard.
  • Peristaltic” dispenser for liquid detergent supplied as standard.
  • CSD digital control panel (soft touch).
  • EED energy saving.
  • DRD accelerated preheating phase.
  • DID automatic diagnostic in case of problems.
  • ADD display of boiler and tank temperature (HACCP conform)
  • Double-walled door, “soft contact” opening.
  • RGD Diamond Exclusivity, ensures rinsing at a constant temperature of 80°C, as well as a stable pressure throughout the rinsing process.
  • BTD “Break Tank” anti-pollution device, AB type.
  • NB: machines guaranteed for “osmosis” water supply.

BREAK TANK : The “break tank” is an AB type “anti-pollution” device (UK standards) 1) It prevents the tank water (with detergents) to flow back into the distribution system 2) Its pump guarantees a constant pressure during the whole rinsing, the drying and hygiene are guaranteed by a T° of 85°C… until the last drop of water!

Additional information

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 600 × 695 × 1280 cm