Pizza Preparation Counters

Model: TS31-US/H


  • ventilated, 3 doors EN 600×400, refrigerated structure GN 10x 1/3
  • Voltage -230/1N 50HZ
  • Temperature     -2°+8° & +2°+10°
  • 0.5 kw

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  • Top with 50 mm edge (15/10th)
  • Structure capacity 11x GN1/3-h150 mm
  • Included: 1 bakery grid (600×400 mm), per door
  • 4 stainless steel swivel wheels, 2 with brakes.
  • Can be installed on a base.
  • Interior and exterior made of AISI 304 stainless steel (food grade), monocoque frame
  • Built-in refrigerated structure, ventilated, GN 1/3 capacity, with 2 stainless steel covers, hinged
  • Stainless steel racks and slides, allowing the grids to be positioned as desired, deep-drawn inner bottom and rounded corners and angles (without rough edges)
  • Doors with ergonomic (not protruding) and reversible handle (see Kit, TKDX-H or TKSX-H), closing by “triple chamber” and magnetic “pressure” seal (easy replacement, without tools), hinges (front fixing) with 100° stop, closing with automatic return
  • Front access to compressor unit, easy inspection
  • Compressor unit in climate class 5 (40°C Temperature – 40% Humidity), incorporated in the cabinet (right), ventilated condenser.
  • Ventilated (side) evaporator (oversized), treated against salt and coating food acids, completely hidden (not visible)
  • Refrigerant gas R134a.
  • Digital” electronic microprocessor (in closed box, 100% waterproof), with HACCP functions, front panel display with blue LED
  • Automatic defrosting of the evaporator (hot gas), number of defrostings factory program (can be modified as required)
  • Automatic condensate evaporation (hot gas)
  • CFC-free polyurethane insulation (60 mm)
  • Supplied with 4 castors, 2 of which have brakes.
  • The device is built in compliance with all applicable standards (CE).


  • Top superior in 15/10th, 50 mm thick.
  • Exceptional performance thanks to the forced piping of the refrigerated air, uniform temperature.
  • Monobloc” type group, equipped with an air filter (washable).
  • 2 levels of hygrometric regulation, 60% (or) 90%.
  • Microprocessor (100% waterproof).

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Weight 326 kg
Dimensions 2030 × 860 × 1395 cm


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