Electric Conveyor Toaster


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  • Electric Conveyor Toaster

    Model:   TM-10H

    • 6 slices of bread per minute.
    • Adjustable speed.
    • Selection knob (4 functions).
    • Opening of 264xh89 mm.
    • Removable front and back racks.
    • Permanent greasing of motor.
    • Zigzagging warming element.
    • Clean up plate and removable crumb receptacle for better cleaning.
  • Electric Conveyor Toaster Side

    Model:   GPE/210

    • Productivity: 1080 toasts/h. – Switch On / Off, independent controls (upper, lower).
    • Conveyor belt speed regulator.
    • Carpet in stainless steel, width 210 mm, depth 500 mm, adjustable height from 40 to 75 mm.
    • Stainless steel construction, top to keep warm.
    • Adjustable feet.
  • Electric Crepe Pan

    Model:   BRET/1E-HR


  • Electric Toaster

    Model:    D6GP-X

    • Efficient heating elements with a low energy consumption.
    • Toasting of thick slices possible (25 mm).
    • Gear shift for partial operating.
    • Timer with alarm device and warning light.
    • Lever to let the slices in or out (which allow to keep them warm after use too).
    • Collecting-crumbs drawer included, making the maintenance easier.
    • Frame in polished inox-aluminium.
    • Devices conforming to manufacturing standards (CE).

  • Electric Toaster – Salamander

    Model:  MS12/R-N

    • Independent selection of the 2 quartz ramps with 3 tubes: function toaster or salamander, without pre-heating, high output (200 toasts/hour).
    • 2 grids with thermal handles.
    • Realization in stainless steel.
    • Floor space 510×320 mm.
    • Heating by infrared “quartz” tubes.
    • Quartz ramp selector, timer 15 min. with continuous position, tensioning warning light, heating warning light.
    • Protection grids of the “quartz” tubes, dismountable (exclusive patent).
    • Removable lower collection tank.
    • Lift-off of the back wall for an easy cleaning.
    • Adjustable lower jacks.
    • The equipment is manufactured following the (CE) standards in force.

  • Electric waffle iron

    Model:    GB-3X5/N

    • Cast iron mould, ensures a homogeneous baking result.
    • Heating, by armoured resistors, in stainless steel treated “incoloy”.
    • Thermostatically controlled from 0 to 300°C.
    • All stainless steel handle (very robust).
    • Removable peripheral trunking, facilitating maintenance (exclusive patent).
    • Switch-commutator and indicator light(s).
    • Made of stainless steel, adjustable feet.
    • Appliances built in compliance with the standards (CE) in force.