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Bakery Oven

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  • Electric Deck Oven

    Model:  FT3M-18


          • Chamber: 1240x660xh180mm.
          • Capacity: 3x 600×400 mm.
          • Stackable oven modules, designed for medium productivity.
          • External construction in AISI 304 stainless steel.
          • The floor of the furnace is made of thermo diffusing steel.
          • Height of the baking vault 180 mm.
          • Ideally suited for baking on platters.
          • Mould made of AISI 430 stainless steel.
          • Heating by shielded resistors on the vault as well as under the floor of the oven.
          • Oven door with stainless steel handle, equipped with a large safety glass.
          • Oura for condensate discharge, inside the oven.
          • Digital control panel, with microprocessor, “Economy” function as standard.
          • Independent vaporizer (Optional)
          • Delivered without plates.

  • Gas BBQ

    Model:  CBQ-075/BK


    • Regulation on 6 levels, possibility GN 1/1 + GN 2/4.
    • Production 75 Kg / h (recommended for 115 people).
    • Power expressed in Kw: 4,5.
    • Carrying capacity in coal 4,5Kg.
    • Standard equipment: one meat tongs, 1 scraper and 1 grid in “O” shape (685×535 mm).
    • Exterior finish in stainless steel, interior finish in stainless steel and cast iron.
    • Fully insulated oven.
    • Isolation system (patented) which decreases the temperature in contact with the oven (+/- 60 ° C) and the reduction of energy consumption (25% reduction of coal consumption!).
    • Door hinged, tilting, with large windows (high temperature 750 ° C), allowing excellent visibility inside is possible and no need to open the door so often.
    • Grease trap integrated, with drawer.
    • Ash tray (removable).
    • Analog thermometer.
    • An integrated firewall.
    • External air flow regulator integrated into the chimney.
    • Delivered with 4 adjustable feet.
    • Regulation on 6 levels, possibility GN 1/1 + GN 2/4.Production 75 Kg / h (recommended for 115 people).

  • Gas Pastry and Bread Ovens

    Model:  FPG-8N


          • Gas version.
          • Capacity: 8x 600x400mm.
          • Unit of stacking ovens, gas or electric models, created for low or middle productivities.
          • Designed outside in chromium-nickel-steel AISI 304.
          • Aesthetically pleasing, ideal for the cooking showcase.
          • Cooking chamber designed in chromium-nickel-steel AISI 304.
          • Shielded element heating.
          • Uniform distribution of the heating tanks to openings in the cooking chamber, at plates level.
          • Door with a thermal handle, fitted with a large security glass.
          • Evacuation oura for the condensate, inside the oven.
          • Control with electronic regulation of the T°.
          • Temperature from 50°C to 300 C°.
          • Interior lighting.
          • Automatic or manual humidifier.
          • Electric models: every oven is switchable in 230V/3.
          • Delivered without plates

  • Gas Rotary Oven for Bakery and Pastry

    Model:   FRM/4E-F


          • – Gas model.
            – In option : Trolley 15 or 18x 450×650 mm (or) 15 or 18x 500×700 mm, burner (gas or fuel oil) as well as the trolley inside (not delivered with the oven).- Designed for high productivity, double quick to put inside and to take off.
            – Façade in chromium-nickel-steel AISI 304.
            – Steel heat exchanger “high productivity”, very low energy consumption.
            – Turning chariot, hanging for the upper chariot.
            – Cooking chamber, designed in chromium-nickel-steel AISI 304.
            – Oven door with thermal handle, security device and large security glass.
            – Standard vacuum for the evacuation of the condensate.
            – Analogical directive panel, control with electronic regulation of the temperature from 50° to 300°C.
            – Interior lighting.
            – Spray incorporated (standard delivered).