Commercial Kitchen Appliances



Osmosis Asia Pvt Ltd Started in 2012 and Osmosis Asia mainly catering the Kitchen and Laundry Equipments and Spare parts requirements for the resorts market. In this way, under Osmisis Asia We currently operates 90% of the resort market by maintaining a retail outlet in the capital Male’. We are having well trained service staff to provide a good service for our customers. Osmosis Asia has gain a good reputation among our customers as a reliable supplier who provide genuine spare parts and equipments for their


  • Cooking Equipment
  • Refrigeration
  • Preparation Equipment
  • Trolly and GN Containers
  • Glass Washers & Dish Washers



Commercial Kitchen Equipment in Maldives.

Osmosis Asia (Pvt) Ltd is the prime establishment which supplies commercial hotel kitchen equipment in Maldives.

Especially, being commercial kitchen equipment such as cool rooms, refrigerators, Door gaskets, Laundry machines, kitchen and exhaust systems, commercial blenders, dishwasher machines, stainless steel racks and cupboards are supplied.

Above mentioned hotel kitchen equipment is imported compared with the latest bands that are applied elaborated superior standard technologies manufactured in the leading industrial countries such as Italy, USA, Germany, France, Turkey, ect..

Additionally, Spare parts for commercial kitchen equipment and kitchen equipment maintenance also are supplied by the company in the Maldives.

Spare Parts for Kitchen Equipment in Maldives.

In Maldives, there exists a considerable demand for commercial kitchen equipment and in the purpose of fulfilling the currently prevailing demand our company is supplying hotel kitchen equipment and services at present in Maldives and especially, spare parts for kitchen equipment, cold room, door gaskets, laundry machines are being supplied.

Kitchen equipment maintenance in Maldives.

Specially, Osmosis Asia (Pvt) Ltd is not nearly supplier of commercial kitchen equipment but also perform after services in an appreciable manner and among the above after services, kitchen equipment maintenance and the service of supplying spare parts for kitchen equipment would be carried out distinctively.

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